Heko Wind Deflectors


Not only do our HEKO wind deflectors look great all year round, they’re extremely easy to fit and with prompt despatch, they will be with you in no time.


Whilst driving, HEKO wind deflectors will protect you from the direct flow of air outside the car when the window is slightly open and by installing a pair of high quality HEKO wind deflectors, you’ll be protected from this air flow and will be able keep the windows open for longer. When it’s raining, these heko wind deflectors will allow natural air exchange which prevents fogging on the windows and keeps fresh air flowing through the car for your own comfort.


With a precision manufactured design and a build quality that far surpasses the rest, these HEKO wind deflectors boast sleek aerodynamic styling and an original equipment look and even minimise interior heat when parked.


 HEKO wind deflectors are available to buy online so order yours now using our secure checkout.

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