Performance Suspension


At Corsa Centre, we offer a range of performance suspension accessories. Your suspension system is one of the important components of your car. It is expected to carry the full load of the car – including passengers and any additional luggage – whilst at the same time providing a smooth, even ride. If you are looking to upgrade your suspension, Corsa Centre can help you find the perfect accessories and components.

We offer a range of lowering spring kits, rear shock absorbers, stabiliser link bars, lower suspension wishbones, coil-over suspensions, streetline kit and many more useful items. The suspension lowering spring kits will work to lower your car, giving it a much improved feel. The springs are manufactured from high quality chrome-silicium; they are also powder coated to provide long-term protection against corrosion. Our Corse D Eibach Pro Street Coil-over Suspension Kit allows you to lower your vehicle from 20mm to 70mm. You will be purchasing a suspension kit that gives you top sporting performance without losing any comfort value. The rust-free stainless steel design also ensures a high level of longevity.  The Corsa C Bilstein B4 Rear Shock Absorber is available at a very competitive price. The shocks are gas pressurised with a twin tube design and they can be used with lowering springs for up to 40mm. We also offer countless other performance suspension essentials; our aim is to provide quality products that help you to improve and enhance your driving experience.

We at Corsa Centre try to ensure we satisfy all of our customers’ performance suspension needs. If you require any type of performance suspension product, browse through our range of essential items. If you are not sure as to which type of product you require, feel free to call us and our accommodating staff will do their best to help you.