Powerflex Bushes


Suspension bushes are essential components of any car. Generally made up from rubber or polyurethane, suspension bushes are used to position and align the suspension and the components used for steering. The suspension bushes allow the car to manoeuvre over uneven, rough roads and around corners with a high level of flexibility and control. Suspension bushes are also some of the most stressed components of a car. They have to undergo a tremendous amount of strain, and go through often gruelling conditions with no maintenance or upkeep.

Powerflex bushes improve your cars road performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. The superior design of Powerflex bushes means they offer an increase in effectiveness of control of the suspension components. Some other advantages that Powerflex bushes can bring to your car is extending the life span of your tyres, improving the performance of your car and increasing the safety of your car. The enhanced performance of the Powerflex Bushes means it is a great way to save on costs as the Powerflex Bushes will reduce the need for replacements or repairs.

Browse through our range of Powerflex Bushes below. We offer a range of bushes each of which can cure imprecise handling, uneven tyre wear and instability.